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Muhammad Usman, Marriala Technologies

Those who take care of my dignity, I will take care of their dignity – 04 Mar ‘ 08

We as a nation are hesitant starters. That’s what I found when I had to start my jogging. Any ways, this is something I always say, is found in the people of third world countries. I have my cousin to drop me in the morning at the gate of the park where I use to jog. Some times he drops me at the signal, and I have to walk for 40, 50 feet for the gate. Today, I was not feeling good; I wanted him to drop me at the gate. But when we reached the signal, it was red. So I had to walk, I started walking towards the gate unwantingly. I was looking down, and I stopped after walking few feet. I saw the front page of the newspaper, which is subscribed to my home. I thought it was not the front page, but then after crossing it, I stopped, I picked it up, and it was the same. There is some thing special in the front page. Yes, there is always a translation of some verses of Quran on the front page. I removed that particular part of the newspaper and put it in my pocket. The whole way I was thinking that, if I had asked my cousin to drop me at the gate, the name of Allah would have been on the ground, for don’t know how many days like this. There is always some thing good in what we call as coincidence. More than that, I would say that we should always be taking care of such things so that the name of Allah is not humiliated. When I left the home for the office, I took my purse out of the back pocket, removed all cards having names like Muhammad, Ahmad and put them in my shirt’s pocket and put the purse back.


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