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One Minute

Muhammad Usman, Marriala Technologies

“Excuse me; may I have your one minute please?”

“Yes sure, do you need any help?”

“In fact I am looking for the way to Club Chowk, can you guide me from here?”

“Since you have got your car, it will take you 5 minutes from here.”

“Its fine, but which road I should follow?”

“I would recommend you to go straight from here and join Jinnah Road from the first Chowk, On Jinnah Road there is another road call, Ghazi Road, the first turn of Ghazi Road, will lead you to Club Chowk.”

“Ok, Thanks for your time.”

“Excuse me, may I your one minute please?”

“Yes sure, how can I help you?”

“In fact, I have to go to Club Chowk, I acquired help from some one else, but he guided me using the names of the roads I have just heard today.”“Oh, you seems to be some one new in this city.”

“No, I am living here for some years, but didn’t come in this part of the city before.”

“If you have to go to Club Chowk, it’s a very simple path; you will go straight from here, from the first Chowk turn to the right and go straight. Don’t turn any where from the signal. After the signal, turn to right from Chowk and immediately turn to the left from first road. Crossing three signals, on your right, you will find Club Chowk. I think it’s straight enough for you now.”

“Ok, thanks for your time.”

”My pleasure, I hope you reach there in time.”

”Excuse me, May I have your one minute please?”

“Yes, sure, you are looking very confused, how can I help you?”

”I have to go to Club Chowk, but I am unable to find a way to my destination, do you know where this Club Chowk is located?”

“Yes, off course, I think you are new here. Let me guide you. You will go straight from here, there will be a Big Building in the corner, it’s the new Building for a Cinema, you will find Movie boards there, and you will turn from this road to the opposite side of the building, and will go straight. To the right when you reach near Raja Restaurant, you will turn to the same side. After going straight, you will reach to the end of the road. There will be two turns. There is a big Marriage Hall to one side, you will move to that side, and this road will lead you to the Club Chowk.”
“That seems pretty straight forward, thanks for your time.”
“No Problem, some times educated people need, uneducated people like us, and we know how to help them.”
“Ok, Thanks for all this”
“Have a nice time”
“Excuse me, may I have your one minute please.”
“Yes sure, but be quick, I am in hurry.”
“I need to go to Club Chowk, but …”

“Oh, You must need help to find the way, I have to go to the same Chowk, and I am on foot, Let me get into you car and I will guide you to the Chowk. This way I can also get to my destination quickly.”

“Yes, sure, Get in.”

(Thank God)


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