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Asma Karim Mirza, Elixir Technologies


Are you suffering from every graduate’s worst nightmare? “The Uncertainty”. FutureGraduating Blues. As the days to final goodbyes approach, the scare-factor goes up in direct proportion. When I Googled about this phenomena and I ended up on some mixed n’ interesting responses. Like:

“My fear isn’t about finding a job. It’s more about lifestyle. I’d hate to be a 9-5 girl right now, where your co-workers will be your co-workers for years whether you like them or not”.

An enthusiast (probably a-wanna-be-an-entrepreneur) shared his fears:

“I know perfectly well the direction I want to take. But even with everything figured out, I’m confused if any organization will be able to utilize my capabilities well. Or should I already start planing for my own venture.”

Yet another seems to suffer from the misery of worry and wastage:

“I spent a lot of time worrying during mt last semesters . Instead of being scared, I should have been on Internet looking for a job.”

DO you already feel relating to them? When I think about it I do see striking similarities ^_^ in that particular time-frame and mind-set. Life’s a constant up-hill battle; you remain constant and the intensities vary. To rise as a victor, enlisted are few vital points you may be looking for:



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