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Aamir Butt, Ultimus Pakistan


When I first heard someone saying this, I thought it to be a shot at the moon. Later when I delved into Computer Science a little bit, I started wondering if it is possible. I started learning cryptography but soon enough I came to know that I am not the one who can read between the things which is a pre-requisite for any successful cryptographer. This didn’t stop me from discovering my lifelong dream of breaking a windows password.

“Give me physical access to a Windows machine and I can get every inch of information from it”.

On investigating the things further, I came to know of a technique known as “One-way hashing”. To put it in simple terms, this is a cryptographic technique through which you can encrypt almost any data irreversibly. By this, we mean that we cannot decrypt the data. Simple, isn’t it? The question arises that what is the point if we can’t decrypt the data. The answer is that you will get the hash key and you can encrypt your data again with the hash key to see if it matches the original one. If it does, Bingo, you have decrypted it successfully.

Now, back to the point. We were trying to break a windows password. This is nothing but obvious that windows developers must keep a user password somewhere in the hard disk. This leaves us with very few options. Because if you have got physical access to a computer, you have got physical access to the hard disk as well which means that you can put this hard disk into another computer and get everything from it. But, you must precisely know that where this information is kept in the hard disk.



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